Marvel Hero


Iron man

Original name: Tony stark

Debut: 1963 “suspense story” #39

Weapon: smart armor                    钢铁侠

Stunts: mechanical human days

According to Stan lee’s approach to marvel, there must be a general outline of the story before creating a superhero, and there should be a certain conception of the character and character. Otherwise, it is obvious that the building of the castle will be shaky and will not last long. In the design of Tony stark, marvel’s artists offered a prototype design that would put these prototypes together to make Stan lee come up with a man — Howard hughes. Hughes is one of the most colorful characters of our time. He’s an inventor, an adventurer, a billionaire, a playboy, a madman.”

Iron man’s cartoon is almost simultaneous with the captain of the United States, but in comparison, the former should be short of breath. After all, captain America represents a source of spirituality, while iron man is a playboy. However, as the number of comic books has accumulated, iron man has more and more opportunities to show his face, and his machine has grown from a single development to a group of scales. The comic’s rise has made marvel realize that “Bruce Wayne” has a lot of potential to do.


Original name: thor                                                        雷神

Debut of comics: thor in 1962

Weapon: the hammer of thor

Special effect: control thunder and lightning

The emergence of thor is not only a milestone in the history of marvel, it can even be said to be of great significance throughout the history of American history. After all, the superhero comics are still primarily original, as thor, with the help of a famous mythological archetype, can be said to be a pioneer. The fans are impressed by the setting of the “god of god” and the attraction of thor’s personality, and the ability of thor to make the fight more exciting. In addition, the thor in god and human, and diffuse the ultimate cosmic set extremely anastomosis, on this basis, such as the earth 616, 616 set parallel universe also emerge in endlessly, enriched the story changes very well.

Compared to the set of complex comics, the film’s many Settings is simple, after all, diffuse can’t expect the audience too like a fan of universes charting, therefore, in the movie, the thor is from heaven incarnating into the earth, bubble sister, playing his younger brother. The audience is also very fond of it, and the humor is with the blood, and as a superhero movie, there is no need for it.

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